Welcome to 0.4.5! We’ve got a brand-new left-side architecture that puts your documentation front and center, support for Git Submodules, better smart paths and numerous quality of life enhancements. We recommend all users update now for the best possible experience. The biggest change in this release is the new nav and information architecture, but we encourage you to check out all the new features below.

New left-side nav!

Based on the amazing feedback that you’ve provided, we’ve made Swimm’s information architecture much easier and more natural to use. We’re very proud to present our new left-side navigation, which puts your repositories, account information and help center in one convenient place. This leaves center stage for what’s most important, the documentation that you create.

We think this architecture will reduce friction for folks new to Swimm, and we’ll have more surprises in store to debut there!

Again, we want to extend our great and sincere gratitude to all of our private beta participants who helped us come up with a solution that scales and lasts.

Git submodules are now supported for docs

Git submodules are dependency repositories that are pulled into the repository that needs to use them. As Swimm documentation is uniquely tied to repositories where it is created, this presented a bit of a challenge to allow folks to both create and consume content within submodules (the previous behavior simply blocked you from being able to select a git repo within another repo).

Now, you can create and read documents within submodules! Don’t forget to run swimm verify to make sure the docs are up to date!

Markdown export now shows snippets as outdated

The exported and decorated snippets now show if the code is out of date (as far as Swimm knows). This is a very useful feature for those that build their documentation along with each version and export it to other knowledge stores – even if some of it no longer matches the code.

This means that folks reading your docs will always know what to expect when they open the code referenced in your snippet gallery. The legend is easy to follow:

This saves time, because no one needs to figure out why the documentation isn’t quite lining up with the code, particularly in cases that the docs can be automatically synced.

New duplication feature for docs!

You can now duplicate a document as a starting point for another document. This is very helpful when you have to document a lot of submodules and classes that basically share the same structure with different symbols and names.

Add a folder as (or as part of) a smartpath

Smart links are great to keep up as things move around a bit during things like refactoring, or reorganizing third-party libraries when you’re adding something new. Up until now, Swimm has had the ability to track files, but not the individual directory components.

Now, you can do both:

There are more great things to come in upcoming releases. Would you like to join our private beta program? It only takes a few minutes to join and there’s no pesky sales calls. Please reach out to us.

Swimm is available to open source projects at no cost, so if you think you have a project that would benefit from Continuous Documentation. To see Swimm up close, sign up for a 1:1 demo.