Sync Don't Sink: Why We Built Swimm for Dev Teams

14 months ago we set out on our Swimm journey. From day one, our mission at Swimm has always been clear. We wanted to help sync teams with their code and ease the pains of onboarding to a new codebase.

From our experience as entrepreneurs working with engineering teams over the years, one thing we knew for sure, the pain of onboarding a new developer to a new codebase has deep roots in how the team's knowledge on the code is created, maintained, and distributed.

By spending time with our community and customers, we learned a lot this year about the way developers and their teams onboard, sync and work.

The reality of 2020 also accelerated certain technology trends and brought to light with it:

  • A demand for structured remote onboarding solutions.
  • The need to streamline knowledge sharing and reduce dependency delays due to remote work.
  • An influx of knowledge sharing through open source contributions.

It came as no surprise that many customers we spoke with, drove the conversation towards creating and maintaining efficient documentation, because it’s the basic and most elementary act of knowledge management you can do within a team (besides face-to-face mentoring).

While the tool we started building was intended to help developers ramp-up to new codebases, we found it quickly became integrated in the entire development cycle. One that isn’t costly in terms of time to value, one you can enforce within your CI/CD, and most importantly, one that doesn’t become rapidly obsolete when the code changes (which, as we know, basically happens every time you ship code).

And this is Swimm - A tool that will sync your dev team (knowledge) with the code.

While we were never a stealthy startup, we're excited to officially share news of our seed funding round and share moments from our journey this past year:

With Swimm, our goals are to make:

  1. Documentation is continuously created when pushing new code.
  2. It is easy to find while working on a task, while navigating a new area of the code, and while transferring knowledge within a team or to other teams.
  3. Documentation and tutorials become easy to maintain with Swimm’s auto-sync and enforced within the team CI.

We're beyond excited to finally announce our 5.7 million Seed round led by Pitango, with participation from TAU Ventures, Axon Ventures, Fundfire, and an amazing group of high-profile Angel investors.

We hope with Swimm, we are able to impact the agility of teams by building a tool that syncs at the same pace by which code evolves.

We recognize the a-ha moment with every new client that meets us, because suddenly there is a sense of order in this cross-industry recurring chaos. An order that hopefully will enable every engineering team ship go faster and farther.

Find out if you qualify for our Swimm for Startups Program and start syncing your code.