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Gemini 1.5 cover
Gen AI
Our take on Google’s new Gemini 1.5 model 
Feb 29, 24 4 min read

The pace at which AI is evolving is incredible to see, with new breakthroughs...

Ask swimm blog cover
Gen AI
Meet /ask Swimm: Your teams’ contextual AI coding assistant 
Jan 17, 24 4 min read

GenAI has transformed nearly every aspect of software development, but one constant is here...

AI without context cover
Gen AI
AI coding without context. What’s the point?
Dec 19, 23 4 min read

Large Language Models (LLMs) have emerged as powerful tools, adept at generating both natural...

Documentation star cover
Gen AI
Did “AI kill the documentation star”?
Dec 12, 23 3 min read

AI doesn’t replace documentation. Documentation is a requirement for AI. And AI is great...

Swimm ChatGPT cover
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LLMs and the Pitfalls of “Memorization Traps”
Sep 12, 23 4 min read

Large Language Models (LLMs) have garnered attention due to their remarkable abilities to produce...

Swimm Chat GPT
Gen AI
Understanding the Relationship Between LLMs and Negation
Aug 15, 23 6 min read

Negation has always been a challenge in the world of language. From toddlers to...

AI generate content cover
Gen AI
Designing AI-Powered Content Suggestions for Tech Documentation
Aug 8, 23 5 min read

Last few weeks, we successfully launched the beta version of our AI features on...

Gen AI
Unraveling the Patterns and Key Elements of AI Tools
Jul 18, 23 5 min read

The year 2023 marked a notable rise in the availability and adoption of AI...

Generative AI cover
Gen AI
Will internal documentation be replaced? An AI discussion
Jul 12, 23 7 min read

Generative AI and ChatGPT have created a lot of buzz lately, sparking discussions about...