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1swimm + azure
New CI integration: Swimm for Azure DevOps Services
Oct 5, 23 2 min read

Azure DevOps is a cloud-based service provided by Microsoft Azure. Known for being a...

2swimm + bitbucket
Announcing our latest integration with Bitbucket
Sep 14, 23 2 min read

As software systems become increasingly complex, understanding code functionality, context, and business logic has...

Swimm + Gitlab
Docs as part of your CI: Swimm for GitLab
Aug 17, 23 2 min read

We built Swimm because we believe that dev teams deserve up-to-date and high-quality documentation...

Icons cover
Swimm AI Beta: 4 use cases that redefine code documentation
Jul 25, 23 4 min read

Swimm AI Beta: 4 use cases that redefine code documentation The introduction of Swimm...

Swimm - making a splash
Making a Splash: Swimm’s New Generative AI Software Documentation Capabilities 
Jul 11, 23 7 min read

One significant difference we’ve noticed between the “systems of prediction” AI-like image classification and...

Swimm AI cover
Announcing Swimm AI Beta: The best way to document code
Jul 11, 23 3 min read

We’re pleased to announce  a pivotal moment in Swimm’s evolution – the launch of...

Swimm and gitStream (powered by LinearB): Automate doc-related PRs cover image
Swimm and gitStream (powered by LinearB): Automate doc-related PRs
May 31, 23 2 min read

You can now automatically approve PRs that consist of changes to Swimm documentation thanks...

Swimm IDE plugin for VS Code and JetBrains
Announcing Swimm’s IDE plugin: The most intuitive way to document code
May 9, 23 3 min read

We just released a powerful update to Swimm’s IDE plugins for VS Code and...

The Swimm GitHub App
Keeping internal docs up to date, always, with the Swimm GitHub App
May 3, 23 3 min read

Integrate code into internal documentation and keep those docs up to date as part...

Create up-to-date diagrams with Swimm’s Mermaid integration
Mar 1, 23 5 min read

You can now create and edit Mermaid diagrams straight from Swimm’s editor. We even...